Hockey Fitness: To Play This Sport, You Need It All

Speed. Strength. Endurance.

You need all 3 of these to become a good hockey player. So far, I’ve been learning this the hard way. I’ve been going to a Learn to Play Hockey class once a week for the past 4 weeks and it has become painfully apparent that I lack in all 3 areas. How do I improve my performance? I skate 2-3 times a week, but that doesn’t seem to be cutting it.

I found 2 work outs that will help me improve in all 3 areas. The great thing about these workouts? I don’t need to buy anything special! Add these to your off-ice training and you’ll definitely end up being a better skater.

The Off Ice Training Circuit

–  Courtesy of USA Hockey via CoachWalt on YouTube

This is a plyometrics circuit course that will kick your butt and work out your entire body. All you need is some open space, a stopwatch or clock and a pull up bar. If you don’t have a pull up bar, use 2 dumbbells instead.

How To Do It

Perform each drill for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds. After completing the circuit rest for 90 seconds then repeat.


  • Squat Jump – Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor, then jump as high as you can.
  • Push Ups – They’re push ups. What can I say?
  • Alternating Lunges –  Start with feet together, step forward with your right leg and touch your left to the floor. Repeat with the other leg.
  • Sit Ups – Lay down with feet flat on the floor, sit up until your chest touches your knees.
  • Backwards Lunges – Same as the alternate lunges, but step backwards and touch your knee to the ground. Repeat with the other leg.
  • Chin Ups – Grab the pull up bar with a backward grip and pull your body up until your chin is over the bar. I don’t have a pull up bar, so I hold dumbbells with my palms out at waist level then pull the dumbbells as far up as I can.
  • Split Squat – Start in the lunge position with 1 knee on the ground. Squat up and down for 15 seconds, then switch.
  • Lying Twist – Lay on your back with your arms stretched to the side and your legs straight up. Twist your body until your feet touch the floor on either side.  Keep your shoulder blades on the floor.

Remember to keep your head and chest up during every leg exercise for better results. Here’s the video of the circuit for better reference:

Off-Ice Dot Drill

– Courtesy of Weiss Tech Hockey

This drill is a great way to improve your foot speed. Fast feet makes fast skates makes fast skater. You need a stopwatch and you can either buy a mat for the training or make your own. Use five 5-inch dots. Make a rectangle with 4 of the dogs and space them 2′ by 3′ apart. The last dot goes in the middle.

How To Do It

The goal of the drill is to see how fast you can get through all 5 exercises.


  • Hourglass – Start with your heals on the rear 2 dots. Jump both feet to the middle dot, then jump to the front dots. Do the same in reverse, always facing forward.
  • Figure 8 (Right Foot) – Start with your right foot on the rear-right dot. Using only your right foot, jump to the middle dot, the front-right dot, front-left dot, middle dot, rear-left dot, then rear-right dot. Always face forward.
  • Figure 8 (Left Foot) – Figure 8 drill using your left foot.
  • Figure 8 (Both Feet) – Figure 8 drill using both feet together.
  • Hourglass with Spin – Start with your heals on the rear 2 dots. Jump both feet to the middle dot, then jump to the front dots. Jump and spin in place, then go back.

All drills are repeated 6 times before moving on to the next drill. A printout of the drills can be found here. Sounds easy enough right? But you have to do it as fast as possible, like this:


3 thoughts on “Hockey Fitness: To Play This Sport, You Need It All

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    • Thanks! It should be one of many. I’m hoping to bring the great online community attitude of hockey to the world of golf. I’m looking forward to trading tips with you.

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