Playoff Beard: Game 2 – Happy Stubble

(If you want to read my first post about my “playoff beard”, check out my personal site [].)

I’m sure no one else can even tell there’s hair on my face, but I don’t care. My stubble is happy! The reasons for my happy stubble are….

  • The Avalanche won!! They outshot the Sharks. The series is at 1-0.
  • The Sharks got booed by their own fans. I want to see them do it again.
  • The cool kids over at Mile High Hockey promoted my Regular Season Review post. Thanks guys!
  • I missed most of the game since I had a hockey class, but I got to hear Marc Moser’s call on the game winning goal on the way home. I wish I would’ve written down what he said. It was some over-the-top thing about Galiardi getting his face reconstructed after a first period high stick. Moser rocks! We need to start a “Best Moser Quote of the Game” contest.
  • The Altitude post-game show featured a slap-happy Kyle Keefe and Mark Rycroft. This included Rycroft’s goofy-ass smile as he attempted to run back and forth between desks during camera changes. This had my wife and I laughing our asses off!
  • The Avalanche are probably one of the most relaxed teams in the playoffs going into Game 2 tonight.

Side note about the “beard”: It doesn’t matter how bad I look attempting to grow a beard. There is no way I’ll take Patrick Kane’s idea of growing a mullet instead.

Click on the image below or go to and enter my name (Scott Pantall) to make a pledge:

If you are also growing a beard for the Beard-A-Thon, let me know and I will pledge $10 to your beard, no matter how sad it is.



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