Fixing My Slice – A Golf Adventure

Last week I went to the driving range to make use of my cool, new golf club distance chart. I couldn’t record my distances with any confidence though, because I was constantly hitting a slice. I suppose I could modify my form so I can record stuff like “9-iron: 80 yards forward, 20 yards to the right”, but I’d rather fix my slice.

So how do I fix it? Since I can’t afford an instructor, I’m going to attempt to use the resources I already have.

Each week, I’ll try a new resource and let you know how it works. Here are the resources I’m going to use:

  • Wii Fit Plus: It has a golf simulator and I seem to hit a fake ball on the Wii the same way I hit a real ball on the range.
  • Golf Magazine: I subscribe to Golf magazine. Every issue has tons of tips and tutorials to use.
  • This site has a great Instruction section with videos, tutorials and tips.
  • Google: There’s a lot of resources out there that aren’t neatly packaged. Let’s see what the internet has for us.

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