D League Chronicles: Back in the Saddle Again

So  I decided to take up a challenge from Tapeleg over at Jerseys and Hockey Love to write 1 blog post every day from June 1 through June 15.  Since I found out about the challenge on June 3, I have some catching up to do. So I’ll cheat a little and publish this post that I apparently created in January. Why didn’t I post it then? I probably couldn’t find the right picture for it or it wasn’t “perfect enough”.


I went to my first stick and puck session in over 7 months in January and it felt GREAT to not only skate around on the ice, but to be able to do so with pucks again. For those of you who don’t know, I completely broke my right tibia and fibula during a hockey game in July and I’m trying to get back to 100% so I can play hockey again.

There were 2 other guys there so we practiced some passing and I spent a lot of my time just skating around, practicing my stickhandling and shooting. I was on the ice for just over an hour and I didn’t even notice my leg while I was skating, which is fantastic! I’m still careful with it. I’m not skating at full speed and I don’t anticipate doing so for a couple months. I can do hockey stops with either leg leading which is really exciting.

The other thing that made this such a good time was that I noticed a big improvement in my stickhandling ability since my injury. Since I haven’t been able to skate, I’ve been practicing my stickhandling in my garage with a Green Biscuit training puck. I also found a brilliant video posted by Kevin on Hockeyshare.com which showed me what I was doing wrong. Before, I would keep my top hand parked on my hip which I found out really handcuffed me. Now I know to keep my hands out in front of me and it’s such a big improvement.

I can’t really say enough good things about the Green Biscuit. It probably kept me sane while I was injured and it was much better than the set up I had before. I used to use a large 2×3 foot whiteboard and a street hockey puck. I’d spray both with WD-40 and it worked pretty good until the WD-40 wore off. The Green Biscuit allowed me to practice my stickhandling without any limitations and I noticed the difference immediately when I got on the ice.


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