Nothing Replaces Actually Playing the Game

Exercise your body. Train your brain. Practice your form.

Doing these things will help you elevate your game, no matter what sport you play. But nothing, NOTHING replaces the things you learn when you actually go out and play.

Since I broke my leg in July, I’ve been exercising, training and practicing to be able to play hockey again. I play EA Slapshot on the Wii and watch hockey games of all levels to focus on positioning and strategy. As soon as I was able to, I went to the gym to improve my flexibility and endurance. I’ve practiced my stickhandling and skating skills. But I’m not going to become a better player without…well playing.

Nothing replaces playing the game. I can do skating drills all day (well, not really) and I won’t skate nearly as hard as I will trying to chase down the puck before my opponent and it turns out stickhandling a puck around another player is much harder than doing so around a cone.

So Saturday I’m going to go check out a drop-in game at the Edge Ice Arena. Hopefully enough skaters show up to make it a game instead of just a stick and puck session. Who wants to play some hockey?


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